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Invergordon Whisky

Founded in 1959 on the scenic east coast of Scotland, Invergordon Distillery represents an intriguing history dating back to its founding as a grain distillery. The distillery has perfected its craft over the decades, resulting in an exquisite selection of whiskys that are appreciated worldwide.

Region Invergordon

Situated near the impressive Cromarty Firth, the region surrounding Invergordon offers an enchanting backdrop of lush green hills and rugged coastlines. The climate and nearby water sources contribute significantly to the unique flavor profiles of Invergordon whiskis, with the environment leaving its mark on the distillery's distinctive features.

Well-known bottlings Invergordon.

Some of Invergordon's most acclaimed bottlings include single grain whiskys with refined complexity and a sublime finish. The distillery has shaped its legacy with expressions that are both distinctive and diverse, ranging from sweet and smooth to spicy and robust.

Size Invergordon

Invergordon has established itself as one of the largest distilleries in Scotland, combining large-scale production with unparalleled quality. The size of the distilling facilities highlights the impressive scale at which Invergordon operates, without compromising on the craft aspect of their whisky production.

Invergordon Properties

The distinctive qualities of Invergordon whiskys include a silky smooth texture, with notes of vanilla blending harmoniously with subtle hints of spiciness. This delicate balance makes Invergordon beloved among whisky lovers, with each drop representing a masterpiece of careful distillation and maturation. In short, Invergordon remains a beacon of Scottish whisky tradition, where passion and craft come together in every bottle.

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